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Sunday recipe: work soy into your regular diet

Did you know that soybeans are among the most versatile foods one can include in his or her diet? Soyfoods are processed into a variety of food products and served in many different ways. Tofu, soybean oil, miso, tempeh, and edamame are the humble soybean.

Edamame is an immature soybean that is served and enjoyed whole. Traditionally eaten in Asian countries, the snack has gained a foothold in Western culture over the last several years. Because they are immature, edamame are green rather than light brown or tan like regular soybeans. Edamame are sold encased in their pods, but they also can be purchased shelled.

It is very easy to make edamame to serve as a snack or as a side dish to a meal. The experts at the Food Network provide the following recipe.


Makes 4 servings

½ pound young green soybeans (about 4 cups of pods), fresh or frozen
2 tablespoons salt

  1. Separate the pods from the stalks. Place bean pods in a large bowl. Sprinkle generously with salt, rub vigorously, and let stand 15 minutes.
  2. Bring a large pot of well-salted water to a boil, add the beans and boil over high heat for 5 to 6 minutes. (For a firmer bean, decrease the cooking time.) Don’t cover the pot, or the beans will lose their bright green color.
  3. When ready, drain beans and serve hot or at room temperature.

Note: To eat as a finger food, serve the beans in baskets or bowls. Squeeze the pods with your fingers to press the beans into your mouth and discard the pods.