Bandai Teen Center grand opening at the Boys & Girls Club of Cypress

Help OPEN THE DOORS to the newly completed Boys & Girls Club of Cypress’s Bandai Teen Center on Friday, May 10th. Funded by Bandai Foundation and local community members, the 1,600 square foot expansion’s capacity will double the Club’s daily teen member attendance from 50-100 members, as well as free up space in our Main Clubhouse for an additional 50 younger members.

By creating a specific space for our teen members, the Club will be able to expand our teen programming, also called The CLUB for teens, by providing dedicated programs and mentors to help teens find their path to success. The teen program combines academic competencies, career preparation, community service and fun in an environment that emphases a collaborative and mentor-mentee approach. It helps to develop and balance the cognitive, interpersonal, intrapersonal and service-learning needs of teen youth in our community. Local organizations partner with us to provide mentors and job shadowing opportunities.

For more information about the Club, please visit, call 714-527-2697, or stop by the Boys & Girls Club of Cypress Main Clubhouse at 10161 Moody Street in Cypress.

This article was released by the Boys & Girls Club of Cypress.

Teen Center Grand Opening is Friday, May 10th, 2019! Courtesy photo.