Because its shelter is above combined capacity for dogs, cats, and rabbits, OC Animal Care to waive adoption fees to encourage adoptions.

OC Animal Care hosting emergency training to save kitten lives

OC Animal Care is hosting two emergency training sessions on April 28 to teach interested foster volunteers how to bottle feed kittens.

As of April 23, more than 750 kittens under two months of age have made their way to OC Animal Care. Each arriving litter of kittens will need someone who can care for and feed them every two to four hours until they have grown to at least two pounds and are ready adoption.

Staff relies almost entirely on the generous members of our community who are willing to foster these young kittens in their own homes and provide the love and attention needed until they are old enough to be adopted. Without these volunteers, OC Animal Care is significantly limited on the number of kittens that can be saved and given the chance to live a full and happy life.

Kittens will be on hand for volunteers to practice bottle feed at the two trainings set for 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at OC Animal Care, 1630 Victory Road in Tustin. Staff are looking for long- or short-term Guardian Fosters to join the program and help save the lives of the most vulnerable population in the shelter. Guardian Foster homes offer short-term placement for kittens who come in late in the day and need additional time to find long-term placement.

OC Animal Care also reminds the public to Wait, Watch, Win! The best way to combat the influx of kittens into the shelter is to leave kittens who are safe with their mom until they are eating on their own or are at least five weeks of age. This gives the kittens a better chance of survival.

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This article was released by OC Animal Care.