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CIF Southern Section transfer rules update

Throughout this school year, we initiated an effort to examine current CIF Transfer Bylaws to determine if they are adequate, or there should be changes made to
what exists today. I have gotten many questions regarding this issue and would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on where we have been on this situation and where we are going.

Here is where we have been…

August, 2018 – We conducted a survey of our member schools to ask if they felt our current transfer rules were working effectively or if they needed to be adjusted.

Of our 565-member schools surveyed, 540 of them responded, which was an incredible number, and proved that our membership is engaged with this topic and ready
to go to work on important matters like these that affect our stakeholders. The results of this survey indicated that over 70% of our member schools believed our current transfer rules needed to change.

September, 2018 – As a result of the survey, the Transfer Rules Committee was created. This committee, made up of League Representatives from each of the 9 Releaguing areas in our section, was given the task of studying this situation, serving as a liaison with the leagues in their areas and obtaining feedback on specific elements of our transfer rules that needed to be examined.

January 1, 2019 – From our survey, we received many comments regarding CIF Bylaw 206, Valid Residence Change. As a result, the Valid Change of Residence Documentation Checklist was introduced. This document, which requires detailed evidence of a valid move that must be provided by parents, now sets a uniform standard for what constitutes a valid residence change across our entire section.

January 23, 2019 – The Transfer Rules Committee held their first meeting. The primary focus of the group that day was to review and study the several pages of comments that were included in our survey responses and begin to identify the most common concerns expressed by our membership.

April 9, 2019 – The Transfer Rules Committee held their second meeting to discuss specific aspects of our existing transfer rules. Once their meeting finished, the CIF Southern Section Council, as part of their general meeting, broke into groups by areas so the Transfer Rules Committee members could update their leagues on their progress and initiate discussions with them on how they should proceed further.

Here is where we are going…

August, 2019 – The Transfer Rules Committee will meet one last time, and based on the feedback they have received from the leagues in their areas and the discussions they have had at their previous meetings, will determine whether a proposal to change our existing transfer rules should be forwarded to the CIF Southern Section Executive Committee, which would then be placed on the agenda at the CIF Southern Section Council Meeting on October 2, 2019, or recommend that the current transfer rules that exist today remain in place.

I hope this information is useful to you in moving forward and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office.

As always, I thank you for your help and your continued support, it is truly appreciated.

All the best,

Rob Wigod, CIF-SS Commissioner of Athletics