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Critical coyote encounter reported in Cypress

At a regular meeting of the Cypress City Council in March 2019, residents of Cypress were urged to be “coyote aware” and to report encounters with coyotes. (The Council has an ad hoc committee on the growing problem with coyotes.)

One of the measures that the Council strongly recommended that citizens take was to report encounters with coyotes using the University of California Coyote Cacher webpage. Using this online tool allows the City to collect data on where, when, how often, and how serious encounters with coyotes are.

Yesterday, Coyote Cacher issued a critical warning for the area east of Cypress Arnold Park: two large coyotes killed a cat in the middle of the day. This area is about halfway between Kennedy High School and Cypress College on a northwest-to-southeast diagonal.

Residents should review tips for discouraging coyote activity in their neighborhood, and take the danger seriously.

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  1. Arnold Park is 2 miles from Cypress College. But is across the street from Kennedy High School, Walker Middle School and half a block from Clare King Elementry School which also has a pre-School.

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