John Wayne Airport concessionaires asked to correct sales tax rates in response to constituent’s concern

The following is a statement from Michelle Steel, Vice Chair of the Orange County Supervisors, regarding actions taken by John Wayne Airport in response to a constituent’s report of sales tax being incorrectly charged by Airport concessionaires:

“Earlier this week, I received an email from a constituent who was concerned that some concessionaires at John Wayne Airport might be overcharging sales tax. My office alerted Airport staff and they immediately conducted a survey of concessionaires to determine the sales tax rates being charged to customers. The survey found that some concessionaires were charging the City of Santa Ana sales tax rate of 9.25 percent instead of the correct rate for the Airport of 7.75 percent.

“Airport staff acted quickly and sent a memo to all concessionaires giving them until May 31 to provide evidence of the rate they are charging, to correct the rate if they are charging the incorrect one, and to create a plan for refunding overcharges where possible.

“Under State law, retailers cannot keep over-collected sales tax revenue and must either provide refunds to customers or remit the over-collected funds to the State.

“California’s sales tax rates are very confusing because they vary widely in different jurisdictions. It is important to check with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration to make sure the correct rate is being charged. Both retailers and customers can find information about the correct sales tax rate in their area at:

“I am grateful to this constituent for alerting me to his concerns, and will continue to work with the Airport to ensure concessionaires are charging the correct rates to customers.”

This article was released by the Office of Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel.

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  1. That’s your corrective action?

    How weak!

    Why do we allow or even buy this type of response to the concerns we face in our county?

    Politics as usual I say getting no answer nor desired results.

    Insanity personified.

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