Ocean View School District celebrates forty school volunteers

Ocean View School District volunteers gather for a group photo with (front row, left to right): Board Member Norm Westwell, Board Clerk Jack Souders, Board Member Patricia Singer, Board Vice President Gina Clayton-Tarvin, and Board President John Briscoe. Courtesy photo.

Ocean View School District Board of Trustees and Dr. Carol Hansen, Superintendent, celebrated 40 school volunteers this week. Dr. Hansen and principals from each of OVSD’s 16 campuses invited distinguished volunteers and thanked each one for his or her commitment and time on behalf of the District’s nearly 8,000 preschool to eighth grade students. Ocean View’s school volunteers are parents, alumni, grandparents, and community leaders; they help students with literacy, math practice, and art skills, while others assist school staff on field trips, and in the classroom and front office.

“I cannot emphasize enough how much we value our school volunteers,” said Dr. Hansen, who, along with Executive Cabinet members, introduced all of the school volunteers and presented them with a special blue “thank you” bag, OVSD pin, and certificate. “These individuals each bring their own unique skills, strengths, and diverse backgrounds to our schools, helping our students learn, achieve, and prepare for the rest of their lives.”

The 40 volunteers honored by the Ocean View School District are:

Circle View Elementary School: Kimberly Fatum, Alexis Erickson, Crystal Espinoza
College View Elementary School: Caoimhe Chacon, Sheila Bunten
Golden View Elementary School: Nancy Courrielche, Janet Ray
Harbour View Elementary School: Karen Malatesta, Lizzie Brooks, Pam Vitello
Hope View Elementary School: Tim Walsh, Amy Roberson-Wong, Beth Lauder
Lake View STEAM School: Jackie Bidnick, Holly Gustafson, Jennifer Flores
Marine View Middle School: Keri Gorsage, Brian Hatfield, Mary Elliott
Mesa View Middle School: Huong Vu, Alison McMullen
Oak View Preschool: Cristina Garcia, Mariana Gil
Oak View Elementary School: Maria Orta, The Reyna Family, Rick Day
Ocean View Preparatory Preschool/Pleasant View: Vivian Hoang
Spring View Middle School: Leslie Sheridan, Libbie Rector-Knobbe, Cherene Neal
Star View Elementary School: Patricia Scott, Erin Moore, Kelly Nguyen
Village View Elementary School: Keeley Pratt, Jennifer Runyan
Vista View Middle School: Claudia Martinez, Marlena Chiarella
Westmont Visual and Performing Arts Academy: Estrella Malaluan, Minako Okano, Greg Gilger
Superintendent’s Office: Leslie Sheridan, President, Presidents’ Roundtable

This article was released by the Ocean View School District.