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Letter to the Editor: Socialism divides America in two

I attended Congressman Alan Lowenthal’s Town Hall on Wednesday, May 29. Unfortunately he’s my congressman (47th district), but that’s how it goes. The town hall was very educating as pro-Trump supporters (scattered around the room) were surrounded by socialists who obviously want the United States to be more like Venezuela. They have such anger against President Trump – who did not collude or obstruct – for the audacity of winning the 2016 presidential election against Hillary Clinton, a mediocre establishment candidate who cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination. (It looks like the establishment will cheat Bernie again with Joe Biden, another second-rate establishment candidate.)

The United States is truly two Americas. If it was possible, the country should be divided into two nations. Let Alan Lowenthal socialists have their Venezuela version of America. (And we see how socialism is working so well in that country.) The other half of the United States would be filled with people of faith who believe in our Constitution, capitalist success and are grateful that America was founded on Judeo-Christian values.

Leaving the auditorium, I kept saying to myself, “God Bless President Donald Trump!”

Robin Itzler
Cypress, California

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  1. Agree. Thanks for sharing, Robin.

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