Don Sedgwick

Candidate Sedgwick calls out incumbent Katie Porter over call for impeachment

Don Sedgwick, candidate for Congressional District 45, today pushed back against Katie Porter’s radical shift towards impeachment. Speaking on impeachment at a town hall meeting Thursday, Porter called it “a real turning point,” saying “the time is nigh.”

Don Sedgwick stated, “Porter has chosen to play Washington insider games with her ultra left-wing friends like AOC, Warren and Sanders instead of focusing on what matters – solving veteran homelessness, fixing our broken healthcare system and growing our economy. Shame on her.”

“She’s out of touch and out of control. Representative Porter, do your job and get to work on what matters, instead of pandering to your liberal DC cronies,” concluded Sedgwick.

The article above was released by Sedgwick for Congress, FEC campaign ID #C00698670.