Orange County not shut out of new California Michelin guide

Michelin mad a big announcement of interest to foodies: the release of a guide to restaurants in California. Much to my surprise, Orange County was not shut out. Usually with this sort of thing, noses are firmly planted in the air. We get a cold shoulder and dismissal.

Here is first part of the news release:

Michelin has announced the highly anticipated selection of star awards in the 2019 MICHELIN Guide California, the first ever statewide MICHELIN Guide, in a live beach-front celebration. Expanding the selection announced in the 2019 MICHELIN Guide San Francisco, California is now home to 657 restaurants distinguished in the Guide.

Since its creation in the early 20th century the MICHELIN Guide has continued to evolve and expand internationally, and it continues to serve as a trusted source and companion to travelers and foodies alike. While the Guide has evolved with culinary trends and dining preferences over time, the five criteria used by Michelin’s inspectors have remained the same to ensure that readers have a consistent experience, irrespective of the style of cuisine and wherever they travel throughout the world.

“Michelin is honored to reveal the 2019 star selection and to celebrate the talented California chefs and their teams included in the first statewide Guide in the U.S.,” said Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the MICHELIN Guides. “California’s trendsetting, laid-back and health-conscious culinary scene continues to boom, and as a result is an amazing showcase for the great local produce.”

In summary, the 2019 MICHELIN Guide California selection includes:

  • Seven restaurants with three stars
  • 14 restaurants with two stars
  • 69 restaurants with one star

The 2019 MICHELIN Guide California is available now in English, Spanish and Chinese at and will be available in print from major U.S. booksellers on June 6, 2019.

Contrary to what you may think, the Michelin guide lists more than “starred” restaurants. In the list below, restaurants are listed with their star rating (if any).

And the Orange County Restaurants:

I saw no mention of Park Ave Restaurant in Stanton, the Anaheim White House, or Spaghettini’s in Seal Beach.

Over the Los Angeles County line:

  • Amor y Tacos, Cerritos
    This is listed as in “Los Angeles” in the online Michelin guide, which is unfair to Cerritos and causes me to wonder what other close-by restaurants are hiding behind that midirection!
  • ☆☆ n/naka, Los Angeles

Long Beach got no mention that I could see.