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Cypress Mayor Stacy Berry chosen chair of Orange County Council of Governments

Today, the Orange County Council of Governments (OCCOG) announced its incoming officers who will serve on the organization’s board of directors, effective May 23, 2019. Cypress Mayor Stacy Berry will serve as chair and Tustin Mayor Chuck Puckett will serve as vice chair.

“I am truly honored to have been selected to serve as Chair of OCCOG for the upcoming term. I am delighted to serve alongside Vice Chair Pucket and believe that we can serve as an effective leadership team,” said Chair Berry.

“I am excited to continue carrying out OCCOG’s mission and collaborating with our member agencies as we strengthen our unified voice in the county,” said incoming Vice Chair Puckett.

Chair Berry serves as the mayor of Cypress. She was first elected in 2018. Mayor Berry has focused on issues affecting seniors in her community. Vice Chair Puckett was elected mayor by his fellow Council Members in December 2014. Mr. Puckett has served on more than 30 community boards in a leadership capacity.

The Orange County Council of Governments (OCCOG) is a voluntary joint-powers agency that provides a vehicle for member agencies to engage cooperatively on matters important to the county as a whole. OCCOG convenes jurisdictions throughout the county to address land use, energy, mobility, air quality and water issues facing residents and ensure the county is represented in regional decision making. For more information on OCCOG please visit www.occog.com.

This article was released by the Orange County Council of Governments.


  1. Congratulations Chores Mayor Stacy Berry. All of us with the Republican Women Federated are so proud of our fellow sister. Congratulations! We know that you will, as always, do a fantastic job on the Orange County Council of Governments. We are very excited for you!

  2. Congratulations Cypress Mayor Stacy Berry!
    Your fellow members in Republican Women Federated are very proud that the Orange County Council of Governments (OCCOG) announced that you will serve as chair.

    1. Congratulations to our Sister of the Republican Women Federated. Republican women were the leaders in bringing women into government and we are so happy that you are stepping in the path of government that our Republican women have fought so hard for. You are our Lucy Stone and Mary A. Livermore who were leaders of the suffrage movement in 1848! Congratulations! Susan B. Anthony, a proud Republican Woman, would be so proud of you.

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