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Thomas Partners Strategies launches office in Orange County

Thomas Partners Strategies opened an office in Orange County California’s Newport Beach ahead of the hot 2020 political cycle. This will be in addition to TPS’s offices in Los Angeles, California and Washington D.C. TPS has won massive victories in Orange County before leading Todd Spitzer’s victory to best a 20-year incumbent District Attorney in 2018 and re-elect Supervisor Do in 2016 with Hillary Clinton carrying his district by more than 30 points.

TPS President John Thomas stated, “This is Reagan Country. I’m ashamed it has gotten to the point where every single federal seat is in Democrat hands. That’s why TPS has committed to doubling down our efforts to flip Orange County back to Red. We know how to win difficult races, despite the odds and plan to bring those skills, aggressive campaigning and knowhow to all our clients in Orange County with an even more hands on approach.”

“Bottom line, we aren’t retreating, we are doubling down on OC. The path to reclaiming the house starts here,” Thomas affirmed.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer lauded the firm for his massive 2018 victory, “With TPS at the campaign’s helm we accomplished the impossible and beat a 20-year law enforcement incumbent by a landside. TPS showcased my record with laser like precision and compelling messaging in a series of cutting-edge ads that crescendoed in the biggest political win of my career.”

“When most strategists would’ve let up, Thomas doubled down and pushed even harder.”

Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do also offered his praise, “TPS is the antithesis of the traditional Orange County consultants and their cookie-cutter approach. That’s why TPS wins tough races. John Thomas’ strategic advice was always on the mark and made the winning difference.”

Thomas concluded, “We’re proud to be planting a flag here today to take back the house in 2020 with even more major Orange County wins.”

TPS is currently running the Mayor of Laguna Hills, Don Sedgwick’s campaign in CA-45 against liberal incumbent Katie Porter. TPS’s President, John Thomas, is also the political analyst for the number one talk radio station in Orange and LA County, KFI AM 640.

This article was released by Thomas Partners Strategies.