The US Army is stilling rolling along

Army birthday
Courtesy photo.

14 June is our Army’s 244st Birthday.

The U.S. Army was chartered and established on June 14th 1775 by the Continental Congress. This same date is also Flag Day which commemorates the adoption of our flag, which occurred on
14 June 1777.

These two great American institutions are celebrated on the same day.

The U.S.Army has been on duty and protecting the United States before we even had a flag.

When you are saluting the red, white and blue you are also honoring our American Soldiers and the citizen-soldiers of the National Guard and Army Reserves.

Today’s Soldiers are still on duty. Just as so many others have done through the centuries… for 244 years and counting.

Army Strong. Thank a Soldier!

Be all you can be. Have an all-Army Day!


Soldiers Forever.

Lieutenant Colonel Tom Lasser
President, Southern California Association of the U.S.Army

United States Army, retired