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Reopening Irvine Lake: Irvine Company deeds land to County of Orange

Tuesday at the Board of Supervisors meeting, the Irvine Company deeded over 29 acres of land to the County of Orange, marking the first step towards reopening Irvine Lake. For the past four years, the former boating and fishing hotspot has sat quiet, collecting weeds on the water’s surface.

“Political infighting has stalled the usage of this lake, but thanks to the Irvine Company’s generous move, the County is finally in a position with Irvine Lake, Serrano Water District, and Irvine Ranch to bring back fishing for public enjoyment,” Supervisor Wagner said, “This summer, I hope to provide an incredible resource for Orange County residents.”

With the Irvine Company’s donation, all parties are now on the hook to come to an agreement. Once a consensus is reached, the County is willing to resume recreational activities at the largest, most sought-after lake in Orange County.

This article was released by the Office of Donald P. Wagner, Supervisor, 3rd District.