Orange County adults return to school and receive accredited high school diplomas through OC Public Libraries’ Career Online High School program

Four adult graduates will be accepting their high school diplomas at OC Public Libraries’ Career Online High School Graduation Ceremony on Thursday, June 20, 2019, from 7- 9 p.m. at the Costa Mesa Donald Dungan Library located at 1855 Park Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. This is the second annual Career Online High School Graduation Ceremony.

“I want to congratulate the graduates for achieving this important milestone in their educations,” said Chairwoman Lisa Bartlett, Fifth District. “I am thrilled that OC Public Libraries can offer this valuable resource to members of our community.”

With the support of the State Library and San Clemente Friends of the Library, OC Public Libraries has made it possible for adults, ages 19 and older, to earn accredited high school diplomas and
credentialed career certificates online through Career Online High School since 2016.

Career Online High School is a program designed to reengage adults into the education system and prepare them for entry into post-secondary career education or the workforce. Students have 24/7 access to the online learning platform, and many can graduate in as few as four to six months with the transfer of previously earned high school credits. Currently, 30 students are enrolled in the program.

“Going to school while working can be challenging,” said Supervisor Andrew Do, First District. “Giving adults the opportunity to earn their high school diploma online, on their time, reduces many barriers and makes it easier for people to complete the program and find success.”

OC Public Libraries is proud to welcome four new graduates to the program. The commencement speaker, a new graduate of the program himself, is a successful businessman who always felt embarrassed about not having his high school diploma. When his daughter recently started high school and considered dropping out, he made her a deal to encourage her to continue her education: if she continued with school, he would also go back to school for his diploma, and he did.

Other recent graduates had the following to say about the program:
“I wanted to finish my high school diploma in order to go to college. I am currently looking for a career related to the certificate I just completed with Smart Horizons. I am planning on registering for fall semester at a community college, and I hope to complete an associates of science degree in commercial interior design and architecture.”

“It’s opened so many doors for me and given me a new lease on life. I’m more confident in the work that I’m doing and am also incredibly grateful for the opportunity. I tell everyone I know who’s dropped out of school about it!”

“Anyone living in Orange County who is 19 or older and has a library card is eligible to apply for this program,” said Supervisor Doug Chaffee, Fourth District. “I would encourage anyone interested to call or visit their local County library or visit OC Public Libraries’ website.”

To learn more about this exciting new program and how you can participate, visit OC Public Libraries’ website at

This article was released by the OC Public Libraries.