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National Guard Bureau honors JFTB with third-straight environmental security award

For the third year running, Joint Forces Training Base (JFTB) has been honored by the National Guard Bureau (NGB) for its environmental security initiatives. This year’s award centered on two major restoration projects – remediation of a fuel plume located underneath and adjacent to the installation’s Military and Veterans Resource Center and infrastructure restoration of Los Alamitos Army Airfield’s storm water retention structures.

Remediation of the fuel plume site (formerly an automobile service station), embraced new, cutting-edge technology — a patented Vapor Energy Generation (VEG) system that combined an in-situ technique that allowed for remediation of contaminated soil to pristine condition while simultaneously treating the groundwater hazard associated with the fuel tank leaks. The project was cost effective and not only validated the technology, it eliminated the need for excavation — effectively working as a “closed system” to utilize soil contaminants as fuel to power the machinery removing those contaminants.

Of equal importance to the military personnel and veterans who utilize the installation’s resource facility, the entire project was conducted without interruption of building operations and services.

A restoration project to repair and upgrade multiple World War II- era storm water retention structures on Los Alamitos Army Airfield was jointly undertaken by the JFTB Training Site Detachment and the Cal Guard’s 315th Vertical Construction Company, resulting in an estimated cost savings of $750,000 to the California Army National Guard in design and construction costs.

“This marks the third year in a row that JFTB has received an environmental award and I want to personally congratulate all the personnel at Joint Forces Training Base who share in these outstanding accomplishments,” said Colonel (CA) John Oberg, Director of Environmental Programs for the California National Guard. “This award is the result of the hard work and collaborative efforts between environmental programs, department of public works and JFTB headquarters staffs and serves as a benchmark for all of the other training sites within the state of California and nationwide… Job well done!”

For additional information, please contact Col. (CA) Richard Lalor at (562) 795-2096 or via email at [email protected], or SrA Crystal Housman at (805) 458-3825 or via email at [email protected],

This article was released by the Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos.