Orange County Young Democrats call for resignation of Assemblymember Bill Brough

Orange County Young Democrats call for Assemblymember William Brough to resign immediately for “aggressive, unwanted sexual advances” reported by four women, including Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett. Additionally, a former State Assembly staffer accused Brough of promising “political favors if she accompanied him back to his hotel.”

We stand with the Republican women who have bravely come forward to report Assemblymember Brough’s egregious behavior. We are tired of watching men in politics abuse their positions of power to prey on women. No one should ever feel sexually intimidated, harassed, or dehumanized – ever. No one should feel sexually threatened when engaging with an elected leader.

Regardless of party lines, we fully support all women who have come forward and those who have not. Last year, Orange County Young Democrats called for the resignation of two men in the Democratic Party after reports of multiple instances of harrasment emerged. Both men were removed from their positions of power swiftly. Bill Brough’s victims deserve the same justice, and the Republican Party – as the party of family values – should publicly and decisively call for Bill Brough to resign.

OCYD calls on Assemblymember Bill Brough to resign immediately and stands with the Republican women who bravely came forward.

This article was released by the Orange County Young Democrats.