Senator Chang has eight bills clear major hurdles

Eight bills authored by Senator Ling Ling Chang (R-Diamond Bar) have passed out of key committees and the Assembly Floor this week. These proposals support veterans, improve public safety, and promote good digital citizenship.

“I’m pleased to receive bipartisan approval,” said Senator Chang. “California has so much to offer including being at the forefront of some of the biggest advancements in technology, but there is always the specter of bad actors who seek to take advantage of others. I’m proud to author bills that support the 2 million veterans who call California home and help my constituents feel safe as technology continues to advance.”

Senate Bill 35 combats human trafficking by creating a uniform system for governments and organizations to work together, and sets the groundwork for a comprehensive study on trafficking in California.

Senate Bill 64 protects pets by requiring municipal animal shelters to microchip any dog or cat that is adopted or claimed by a pet owner.

Senate Bill 180 requires sellers of gene therapy kits known as “DIY CRISPR Kits” to include a warning label stating that CRISPR kits are not intended for self-administration.

Senate Bill 239 makes it easier to prosecute cybercriminals and computer hackers. The proposal aligns the statute of limitations for felony computer hacking with similar forms of crimes by allowing for prosecution three years after the date of discovery, rather than the date of offense.

Senate Bill 245 calls on animal shelters to waive pet adoption fees for military veterans. California is home to 2 million military veterans, including many who struggle to cope with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and could benefit from an animal companion.

Senate Bill 366 equips students with preventative information about cyberbullying.

Senate Bill 348 requires the state to develop a strategic plan for improving state services with artificial intelligence and calls on the Governor to collaborate with state agencies on artificial intelligence.

Senate Bill 648 promotes user responsibility and public safety by applying the same principles underpinning vehicle hit and run laws to drones.

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This article was released by the Office of Senator Ling Ling Chang.