Woman’s Club of Cypress donated trees to Clara J. King Elementary School

Photo of apple taken by King Elementary Principal, Jacki Teschke.

As part of a challenge called Seven Grand Initiatives, the Woman’s Club of Cypress donated trees to Clara J. King Elementary School in Cypress. A group of students and the school’s Principal, Jacki Teschke, were present for the delivery of four fruit trees.

The school has a garden project to teach students about growing food. Some of the trees will be planted in that garden, while others were planted on school grounds.

The specially selected trees include a dwarf banana, dwarf peach, and two regular-sized apples. The apple trees are grafted so that four types of apples grow on each tree. This gives the school the opportunity to teach the students not only about tree care, but also about the process of grafting.

Principal Teschke was appreciative of the donation, saying, “The new trees at King School, provided by the Woman’s Club of Cypress, are a beautiful addition to our school. Students were thrilled to witness several apples emerging before school was out for the summer.

The principal even took a picture of one of the apples and sent it to the club. “The students and staff at King appreciate the support that the Woman’s Club of Cypress has provided. Not only does it contribute to the beauty of the school and enhance the environment, it benefits our students to experience the generosity of our community–especially in light of our emphasis at King on serving as contributors to our community as well.”

A few board members from the club were present during what turned out to be the only hour of the day when it rained. Although a little soggy for the presentation ceremony, it turned out to be perfect preparation of the soil for the school district crew that planted the apple trees immediately following the photo opportunity.

As one of her final duties as 2017-2019 President of the club, Colleen Janssen, was happy the ceremony could take place before school was out for the summer. “Our club raised money for this project at our QuarterMania event in April.”
Janssen continued, “This project was for Arbor Day and was from a list of seven challenges that were given to us by our national organization to do projects that made a difference in our community. We appreciate that we could donate trees to King Elementary to supports their garden program.”

Seven Grand Initiative projects included holding an event for women veterans, a Martin Luther King Day community project, donating Dr. Seuss books, collecting shoes, and others.

Information about the Woman’s Club of Cypress may be found by contacting the new President, Carole Shaw, by email [email protected], or online at www.WCCypress.org.

This article was released by the Woman’s Club of Cypress.

King Elementary School Principal, Jacki Teschke (fourth from left) stands next to Woman’s Club of Cypress President, Colleen Janssen, along with club board members, students and groundskeeping staff during the presentation of trees for the school’s garden program. Courtesy photo.