Coast Community College District

Colleges of the Coast Community College District accreditation reaffirmed

The Colleges of the Coast Community College District received reaffirmation and seven-year accreditation from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges last week. Seven years is the longest timeframe possible between ACCJC reviews, reflecting the strength of the Colleges’ academics and operations.

“I am proud of the Colleges for their outstanding collaboration and teamwork in going through the accreditation process,” said Coast Community College District Chancellor John Weispfenning. “To receive such a positive outcome is a credit that our students, communities, and employees should celebrate.”

In particular, the ACCJC commended Coastline College for providing “robust and effective pedagogical approaches, delivery, and specialized student support and library services to its military and incarcerated student populations.”

The ACCJC commended Golden West College on “partnerships that are profoundly immersed in local community values and culture, as well as dedicated to authentically impacting the lives of students and their families.”

Writing about Orange Coast College, the ACCJC commended “an environment where innovation is encouraged… establishing a culture of collaborative leadership throughout the entire ranks of the College, including managers, faculty, and staff.”

Accreditation is a process that ensures accountability and quality improvement in higher education. The ACCJC serves as the mandated accreditor for community colleges in California with oversight from the U.S. Department of Education. The process of ACCJC accreditation is intensive, harnessing self-evaluation and peer review to identify further opportunities for improvement.

This article was released by the Coast Community College District.