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Local treasures: Wood burning art by Andrea

Folks who don’t visit the Cypress Farmers Market regularly might have missed a recent addition in the form of Wood Burning by Andrea. Local artist Andrea Diaz started out her side business as a hobby, creating art by burning designs into pieces of wood for her friends.

Her friends encouraged her to sell her art to others, and now she has a booth at the Cypress Farmers Market featuring a wide range of designs burned into slices of tree trunk purchased online.

The designs include a number of popular subjects, including Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wood Burning by Andrea also creates custom works (including one elaborate Infinity Gauntlet design she had on display at the July 6 Farmers Market).

If you missed this week’s Farmers Market, don’t worry – Wood Burning by Andrea will return! She’ll stop by the Calvary Community Church Summer Boutique on July 13 (1465 Orangethorpe Ave. in Fullerton) and the Cypress Community Festival on July 27 (Cypress Community Center) before returning to the Farmers Market at Cottonwood Church on August 3 through August 31.

You can also visit the Cypress Farmers Market to pick up fresh produce and other food – we snagged a large tray of eggs and a large head of garlic while we were there – as well as jewelry and home decor.

Wood Burning by Andrea also boasts an Instagram page featuring images of some of her art; be sure to check it out!

Andrea Diaz shows off a s election of her work. Courtesy photo.