Amy Phan West

Amy Phan West running for Congress for the 47th District

There’s good news for residents of the 47th Congressional District that resent how gerrymandering across two counties at the last moment resulted in liberal Rep. Alan Lowenthal representing the district in Washington, D.C.! Long-time Westminster resident Amy Phan West is running for Congress!

Unabashedly pro-life, committed to ending California’s shocking SeXXX Ed curriculum (officially known as “CA Healthy Youth Act”), a believer in legal immigration and fervently committed to keeping socialism away from America’s shores, West looks forward to meeting members of the community throughout the primary season to discuss issues that affect them.

“Education is critically important in equipping the next generation of Californians, which is why parental rights should be restored in public education,” said West, mother of three young sons. “Schools must stop sexualizing our children. This means teachers must be released from unions and bureaucrats and be empowered to teach our youth the fundamentals that equip them to become productive members of society.”

West also sees issues related to illegal immigration important since to the district is located just 100+ miles from the southern border.

Firmly believing in legal immigration West personally knows the hardships and sacrifices that asylum seekers go through to reach the United States. Fleeing communism after the Vietnam War, West and her family fled Vietnam in a dingy boat with little more than the clothes they were wearing. Their harrowing struggle to legally enter the United States includes waiting several long years in Thailand and Philippine refugee camps until they were granted asylum.

While Lowenthal supports open borders, illegal immigration, gun control, impeaching President Trump, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, Medicare for All and late-term abortion, small business owner West focuses her goals on returning a conservative common sense focus to the 47th district.

West will visit the Rossmoor-Los Alamitos Republican Women Federated booth during the Saturday, July 27 Cypress Community Festival. The popular Festival, with entertainment and activities planned throughout the day, takes place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Oak Knoll Park (on Orange Avenue between Valley View Street and Walker Street).

“With residents in both Los Angeles and Orange County, the 47th district is a vibrant and diverse community,” said West. “From one-on-one conversations to formal debates, I look forward to meeting people throughout the district and sharing how we can make improvements that will benefit everyone.”

This article was released by Amy Phan West for Congress CA-47.


  1. I am so happy that you are wanting to get back to the basics of government and the need to give the power of our children back to the parents and family!

  2. What a joke. This article was released by Amy Phan West for Congress CA-47.

    1. John,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      I do not understand your comment. We publish many courtesy article, and a goodly number of those courtesy article are released by elected officials or candidates for elective office. We clearly label courtesy articles, and include their source. That is the case with this article released by Amy Phan West’s campaign for the 47th Congressional District.

      Why do you consider this a joke?

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

      1. Perhaps because the residents of WESTMINSTER had to deal with her slander and question dodging tactics when she ran for city council? Perhaps it’s because the grammar is horrific? I can keep going if you’d like.

        1. Camilla,

          Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

          Question-dodging is hardly a new political tactic that would disqualify Amy Phan West from running for Congress in the 47th District.

          Ungrammatical writing is likewise not a disqualification.

          Slander is a more serious charge which should be presented with concrete examples before readers decide for themselves on the merits of the charge.

          Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

          Shelley Henderson
          editor, Orange County Breeze

      2. What is the difference between this and an outright political ad? Because that’s all this “courtesy article” really is.

        1. Scott,

          Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

          As we enter a new campaign season, many candidates will send out news releases hoping to get some free media. Since we cannot possibly cover each candidate, we publish their news releases and mark them clearly as not written by the staff of Orange County Breeze.

          Courtesy articles for political candidates are certainly written to show the candidate in the best light. They are not ads because they are not paid for.

          We publish such courtesy articles from any (local) candidate that submits them. We might hold off on publishing an article if, in our judgement, it does not fit our editorial guidelines. Things that might get a news release spiked include personal attacks and foul language.

          I hope this clears up the distinction.

          Again, than you for reading Orange County Breeze.

          Shelley Henderson
          editor, Orange County Breeze

      3. Perhaps his comment stems from the way she refused to answer questions from potential constituents while running for City Council in Westminster. Perhaps it also comes from the fact she and her husband attempted to slander a resident when they called her out for not answering questions. Or better yet, perhaps it is because she emphatically denied being tied to Tyler Diep and when picture evidence was provided, she removed herself from groups attempting to hold her accountable to her word.

        1. Camilla,

          Thank you for participating in this conversation.

          Before continuing, I need to publish a disclaimer: Orange County Breeze follows City Council elections in Cypress and Los Alamitos. That is, staff persons actually follow the election and comment on the candidates. We try to publish submitted articles for City Council elections in our extended coverage area, which includes Westminster. However, we cannot (and do not) claim to follow the ins and outs of those elections.

          That said, again, refusing to answer a question is not a disqualification for running for elective office. If yours is the question that she refuses to answer, the refusal may be grounds for voting for someone else.

          It sounds like some heat was generated in the last Westminster Council election. Ignorant of the issues that generated the heat, I would ask for a paraphrase of a question that Amy Phan West refused to answer, and a paraphrase of the attempted slander. Without at least that, commenting would be shadowboxing while wearing a blindfold.

          Regarding the issue around Tyler Diep, clarification of the accusation of being “tied” to him is needed, and why being “tied” to him is a bad thing. Picture evidence — cell phone photos? — is inconclusive. I have myself dozens and dozens of photographs in our archive with people sharing a frame without sharing a political philosophy. As for removing herself from accusatory groups, that also needs more details. Which groups? Hold her accountable in what fashion? And if members of the groups were accusing her of lying, why would they object to her leaving?

          Again, thank you for participating in this conversation.

          Shelley Henderson
          editor, Orange County Breeze

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