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Orange County, CA Elections releases survey data from 2018 Primary and General elections

The Orange County Registrar of Voters released results of multiple operational surveys, designed to measure quality and service, taken during the 2018 Primary and General elections.

During the 2018 election cycle extensive surveys were used to gather data on 9 levels of service provided by the Registrar of Voters. Results from the 9 surveys indicate that the Registrar of Voters continues to provide quality service to voters, poll workers and polling place hosts. The data largely confirms that the continual changes implemented in past elections have effectively streamlined and improved election operations. The report details the methodology used, results of the survey, and items identified for additional follow up.

The report goes into detailed reviews of each aspect of the operation – a summary of the survey results indicates:

  • 96.7% of volunteers surveyed had a good or excellent overall experience at the polls
  • 4.87 out of 5 was the average rating given to our phone agents for their service to voters
  • 84% of candidates rated the filing experience as organized and efficient
  • 13% of volunteers worked for 16+ years in Orange County elections

Survey data was collected in the following categories: candidate filing, volunteer recruitment, volunteer training, volunteer service, equipment delivery, polling place operations, field coordinators, ballot collection center operations and telephone bank operations.

Despite transitioning to a Vote Center model in 2020, the Registrar of Voters will use these metrics to inform continuous improvement in the overall operations. Poll worker volunteers will have the opportunity to attend a job fair in the fall if they are interested in serving as a Vote Center employee.

A copy of the 2018 Elections Survey Report can be viewed here.

This article was released by the Orange County Registrar of Voters.