featured graphic for JFTB Los Alamitos

California Medical Assistance Team Field conducting training exercise at Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamtios

The Emergency Medical Services Authority is conducting a California Medical Assistance Team (CAL-MAT) field training exercise at the Joint Forces Base (JFB) in Los Alamitos, CA. The exercise scenario is based on a hypothetical series of earthquakes, causing a wildfire that burnt a hazmat area and impacted medical facilities, which triggers large scale patient evacuations. The CAL-MAT will practice setting up a Base of Operations at the Los Alamitos JFB to receive, decontaminate, triage, treat, and transport patients, as needed, to higher levels of care. The exercise provides an opportunity for collaboration with local, state, and federal partners to enhance integration and improve overall response capabilities for California. Exercise participants include local and regional emergency managers, Medical Reserve Corps, CAL-MAT members, local ambulance providers, Veterans Affairs, California National Guard, California Conservation Corps, and others.

This article was released by the California Emergency Medical Services Authority.