Don Sedgwick

CA-45 Don Sedgwick smashed fundraising haul, reporting over $621,000 raised, more than any GOP challenger in SoCal

The Sedgwick for Congress campaign unveiled its fundraising numbers that dominate the GOP primary field by every measurement. Sedgwick has collected more than $621,000 as of the close of the period with $480,142 raised in this period alone. Sedgwick raised more than any other Republican challenger for federal office in Southern California. In fact, he crushed his Primary competition by every measurement: total number of donors, cash on hand, total raised both overall and in this period. Sedgwick did all of this without loaning any money to the campaign. This positions Sedgwick as the clear front runner in the race for California’s 45th Congressional District.

Laguna Hills Mayor Don Sedgwick said, “I’m so humbled and honored by the outpouring of support from so many in our community. I’m running on a conservative vision to keep growing the economy, take care of our homeless vets and put families first. Our many supporters believe we can’t let radical liberals like Katie Porter continue to damage our nation.”

Sedgwick’s Chief Strategist John Thomas stated, “Don Sedgwick is on fire. He’s not just the strongest Republican challenger in Southern California, he’s one of the top raisers in the nation.”

“We are running against an extreme AOC backed, self-described Elizabeth Warren protege who doesn’t just whisper about being a radical liberal, she embraces it. While Porter’s campaign is stuffed with socialist cash from members like Ilhan Omar, Sedgwick’s campaign is people powered from every day Americans who believe in family values, capitalism and the American Dream,” continued Thomas.

This article was released by Sedgwick for Congress.