Huntington Beach Public Works wastes no time launching projects in the new fiscal year

Public Works Engineering/Construction will be issuing “notice-to-proceed” in July for various infrastructure projects.
They are as follows:

Murdy Park Project – As part of the approved Murdy Park Master Plan, the front turf area will be reconfigured to a new, 120’ x 240’ multi-use youth sports field, including ball containment fencing, benches, and sports field and pedestrian lighting. The existing skate park and basketball courts will be preserved. An additional park amenity, bocce ball, will also be added in place of the existing picnic shelter. Placing bocce ball courts in the area will promote a more positive use of the area and create a safer, family-use environment.

Arterial Rehab (Algonquin/Delaware/Edinger) Project – Algonquin Street (Warner Avenue – Heil Avenue) and Delaware Streets (Main Street – Ellis Avenue) will be paved with 4.5-inches of new pavement after removal of the failed top two-inches of pavement. Edinger Avenue (Bolsa Chica Street – Graham Street) will be paved with 5.5- inches of new pavement after the sub-base is pulverized and cement treated. All three streets will have a wearing surface course of fiber-reinforced rubberized asphalt concrete hot mix (ARHM). Manholes, monitoring wells, survey monuments, and water valve assemblies will be adjusted to grade and traffic loops and striping will be replaced. Improvements also include limited replacement of concrete curb, gutter, sidewalk, and access ramps where needed. The three street segments were last rehabilitated in the very early 1990’s. The project is using a sustainable paving material, which utilizes rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC) which contains crumb rubber derived from 100% California waste tire rubber. A two-inch layer of RAC uses over 2,000 waste tires per lane mile. The project will divert more than 9,300 waste tires that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Including this project, the use of RAC in the rehabilitation of the City’s arterial streets has resulted in the diversion of over 347,000 waste tires.

Residential Overlay Project (Zone 6) – As part of the Pavement Management Plan, a residential network was created dividing the City into 12 maintenance zones to allow the City to better coordinate maintenance activities. This project will rehabilitate 131 street segments within Zone, which is located in the Central Area of the City. The street segments to be overlaid will first be crack sealed. Localized 2” pavement repairs will be performed were needed. Edge grinding will be performed along all concrete curbs, gutters, and cross gutters using a milling machine before applying a final 1.5” asphalt overlay. Streets suffering from reflective cracking will have a geotextile fabric placed between the existing surface and the new 1.5” asphalt overlay to increase structural stability.

Signal Interconnect Project – As part of the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), the project is located along Newland Street between Ellis Avenue to Warner Avenue. The work will consist of installing conduit and fiber optic communication cable, which will connect with the City’s existing fiber optic communication cable on Warner Avenue and ultimately to the City’s Traffic Management Center located in City Hall.

Alley Rehabilitation (north of Heil Avenue between Graham Street and Springdale Street) – Similar to the Pavement Management Program, this alley was assessed and determined to be in need of rehabilitation. The project’s scope of work will be to remove and replace the existing asphalt concrete pavement and concrete v-gutter, with ancillary work as necessary. The alley work will be accomplished in two phases, first starting from Springdale to Clubhouse, then second, Clubhouse to Graham.

Sewer Lining Project – The Engineering and Utilities Division coordinate the need for rehabilitation of existing sewer pipes based on maintenance history and video inspection. The scope of work for this project includes lining approximately 22,500 lineal feet of aged sewer main lines identified as a priority this year. The locations would benefit from lining as the existing pipes are either lined with calcium deposits from groundwater seepage through minor cracks and joints, or have joints offset by tree roots from adjacent mature trees located on parkways. These deposits and roots, which inhibit flow, will be removed prior to lining. Lining of the pipes is a trenchless operation performed by inserting a liner inside the existing pipe and curing the liner to form a replacement pipe.

Ocean View Estates (OVE) Parking Lot – OVE is a City-owned mobile home park comprised of 44 mobile home spaces located at 7051 Ellis Ave. The residents have requested the City to provide additional on-site parking along the easternmost drive aisle. The project will provide an additional 14 on-site parking spaces including minor grading work, asphalt concrete pavement, signage to permit overnight parking for park residents and re-stripe the existing handicapped stall to comply with the current code requirements. Due to the existing tree root systems adjacent to the new stalls, six eucalyptus trees will be removed and replaced with 12, 24” box trees.

This article was released by the City of Huntington Beach.