Attention Cypress Festival goers: no free bottled water!

As you anticipate the fun this coming Saturday at the Cypress Community Festival, please be advised that the Orange County Health Department has prohibited giving out bottled water.

Yes, you read that correctly.

In the past, non-profit booths often gave out free bottles of water, which those attending gratefully accepted — especially on the days that temperature on the Festival grounds leaped past 100° F.

Thankfully, the forecast for this coming Saturday projects hot but not dangerous temperatures, in the upper 80s to low 90s.

Still, everyone participating should do their best to prevent the heat from getting to them:

  • sunblock!
  • clothing: loose, should allow evaporation of sweat; hat with a brim; sunglasses!
  • frequent rest in a shady spot!
  • if you feel unwell, tell someone so help can be brought to you!
  • drink plenty of fluids!

Unfortunately, the Orange County Health Department has made drinking plenty of water more difficult this year.

Update Friday, July 26

We now have conflicting reports concerning the availability of free bottled water at the Festival. At least one Festival sponsor (Cypress Church) was able to apply for and receive a permit from the OC Health Department to hand out bottled water. So perhaps fist-fights over your place in line at the water fountain will not be needed…

Update (later) Friday, July 26

A knowledgeable reader forwarded this link to an explanation of required Orange County Health Department permits for temporary food facilities operating at public events:

I guess non-profit organizations that simply want to hand out free bottles of water are now defined as temporary food facilities operating at a public event.