Amy Phan West

Amy Phan West attacked as “white supremacist”

Amy Phan West with Trump 2020 flag. Courtesy photo.

On July 24, entertainer Bette Midler found herself mired in controversy when she referred to black Trump supporters as “blackground.” It seems that if a minority isn’t a Progressive Socialist, they are verbally belittled and sometimes viciously attacked. Closer to home, Vietnamese-born Amy Phan West, who is running for Congress in the 47th district, was attacked on Reddit and called a “white supremacist” solely based on her support for President Donald Trump. West was chastised for marrying a white man and her children’s ethnicity was rudely dissected – “Kids look Guatemalan as f—k. LMAO! They are just ecstatic that Trump is not putting their kids in cages.”

The insulting posts attacking West were in response to a photo of her holding a large Trump 2020 flag. “Progressives talking points are about how much they care for minorities,” said West, “But in reality their hate-filled comments show contempt for anyone who doesn’t walk lockstep with their Progressive Socialist agenda.”

Just as Bette Midler and other liberals can’t fathom that President Trump has supporters representing all genders, religions and ethnicities, several cruel Reddit accusations assumed West’s husband is a white supremacist and she dutifully follows his racist views. West and her husband have been married since 2009 and have three young sons.

“As a small business owner and mother, it would be much easier to stay home and let someone else run for Congress,” added West. “But I see the problems plaguing our district and want to be part of the solution. Moreover, as a legal immigrant who waited several years in various refugee camps for the United States to grant my family asylum, I want to give back to this great country.”

Currently the district is represented by Progressive Socialist Rep. Alan Lowenthal. In 2018, the Republican candidate was not embraced by the community, which is why West decided to run for Congress. “Calling me a white supremacist will not stop my campaign because the 2020 election is too important for our district and nation,” said West.

This article was released by Amy Phan West for Congress.

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  1. Thanks, Amy, for standing in the gap for many people.

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