“Why is the Orange County Register in the tank for leftist Katie Porter?”, asks Mission Viejo Mayor in response to published smear attack

The Orange County Register, in an attempt to smear Colonel Greg Raths USMC (RET), the Mayor of Mission Viejo and candidate for Congress in the 45th District, published a false and defamatory story attempting to use one of his supporter’s past service to Donald Trump and work with Roger Stone as a wedge between Raths and Orange County voters. This pathetic attempt at fake news takes a leaf out of the DCCC playbook and is nothing but a love letter to Katie Porter. Raths will not back down from his support of our Commander In Chief and is proud to have the support of such a key Trump adviser as Paul Jensen.

Paul Jensen has represented Roger Stone as an attorney and worked with him to elect President Trump on the eve of the November 2016 election. Hillary Clinton and the DNC filed 6 different lawsuits in 6 different states against Trump, Stone and one of Stone’s political committees. Jensen and his team successfully represented Stone and won each of these frivolous lawsuits culminating with a dramatic US Supreme Court victory the day before Election Day. The lawyers representing Hillary Clinton were the combined law firms of Perkins, Coie and Boies, Schiller, who collectively were paid over a million dollars for their losing efforts. Stone and his committee paid Jensen less than a tenth of that.

Stone is one of the President’s oldest friends and political advisers. Stone has worked for four Republican Presidents, and was indicted by the Clinton operatives in Robert Mueller’s partisan witch-hunt for non-violent process crimes. Raths observed that, “In America a man is innocent until proven guilty. Nonetheless Stone has no role in my campaign. I hope Mr. Jensen, who also represented candidate Trump as his personal attorney, can help persuade the President or at least some of his key supporters to support my candidacy.”

The suggestion by the Register aligning the Raths campaign with the “Alt-Right” using unnamed sources is preposterous and downright dirty. “I proudly served my country for 30 years, flying 75 combat missions during the Persian Gulf War and other combat operations preserving freedom. This garbage is demeaning to all veterans who proudly served our great nation”, Raths said.

This article was released by Paul Rolf Jensen.

Editor’s Note: For more information on Orange County elected officials, visit our Orange County Elected Officials page.

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  1. This Register used to be a strong paper with an unwavering libertarian viewpoint.

    Now it’s just a throwaway like every other newspaper in CA.

    Porter is an interloper to OC and has strong ties to Senator Harris.

    COL Raths is a good man who has served our country with honor in combat and continues to serve. We need to support his candidacy.

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