Amy Phan West

Republican congressional candidate West says radical democrats exposing themselves as bigots after slandering her online

Amy Phan West, a Conservative Republican candidate filed to run for Congress in California’s 47th district in 2020, indicated that recent online defamation by radical unhinged democrats who labeled her a Klu Klux Klan member, reflects how wide their bigotry and intolerance of those who don’t share their leftist politics.

“Those individuals vilifying and targeting my family online with outlandish and bigoted posts brought to our attention exposes how radical and unhinged the leftist supporters of my democratic opponent have become. I am urging my district Rep. Alan Lowenthal, who also is my opponent, to publicly denounce such unwarranted and bigoted attacks. I live in his district and if he thinks, as my Representative, that there is no problem with his supporters defaming me online, then he is clearly an accomplice to the problem,” said West in a statement.

West was recently defamed online by Lowenthal supporters who referred to her as a “white supremacist,” which is being viewed by the campaign and public as vitriolic.

“The leftists ironically and falsely claim to be for all people, but that is clearly not true these days based on how they act toward those with opposition views. It is clear the intolerant leftists stand only for those who share their own political motivations and beliefs, and who support their radical socialist ideologies. I am an Asian refugee to this beautiful country, and I am here legally. I am being labeled by the leftists as white supremacist solely based on my support for the opposition party. These people need to read about history because even I know that the KKK was founded and saturated by members of the Democrat party, not the Republican party in which I am proudly a member of,” said West.

A Reddit post revealed that West was called a white supremacist based solely on her support for President Trump and the America First Agenda. West also was chastised for marrying a white man and her children also were singled out, referring to them as “Guatemalan as f—k.” The post went on to say, “They are just ecstatic that Trump is not putting their kids in cages.”

“As a small business owner and mother, it would be much easier to stay home and let someone else run for Congress. But I see the problems plaguing our district and I want to be part of the solution. Moreover, as a legal immigrant who waited several years in various refugee camps for the U.S. to grant my own family asylum, I am forever grateful and want to give back to this country in deep gratitude and appreciation with public service,” said West.

West believes that she is being targeted by the leftists with vitriolic and bigoted attacks, using Saul Alinsky tactics of accusing their opponent that in which they themselves are guilty of, will not deter her from staying in the race to unseat Rep. Lowenthal in the 2020 general election.

“Rep. Lowenthal has been in Congress a few terms now, and what exactly has he accomplished for our district? Nobody can point to anything he has done. We see he is a strong supporter of the witch hunt against the President that was based on a fake Russian dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton. As a former psychology professor, you think he would know people in his district view through the whole witch hunt as nothing but a political hit job, as confirmed by the exhaustive Mueller investigation that found no Russian collusion. The folks in our district know that the democrats aim to impeach the president based on collusion is dead. So now Lowenthal and his party are focused on trying to impeach the president based on obstruction of a sham investigation that found him guilty of no crime. This is how Lowenthal is serving the people in our district, serving his party politics and ignoring the people.” said West.

This article was released by Amy Phan West for Congress- California 47th District.