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Diane Dixon raises more money than any Assembly challenger statewide

Campaign finance reports released show Mayor Diane Dixon (R-Newport Beach) has raised more money than any other candidate in California seeking to unseat a sitting Assemblymember. Dixon is challenging freshman Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Laguna Beach) for the 74th District seat.

“I am so grateful for the outpouring of support for my candidacy, and I am humbled to have raised more funds than any other Assembly challenger in California. I am so gratified that more than 72% of the funds I have raised have come from the 74th District, and over 84% have come from across Orange County,” Dixon said. “These donations will help ensure I have the necessary resources to explain to voters of all political stripes why my principles and values of greater fiscal responsibility, stronger public safety, better education, and increased local control best reflect the priorities of the people of the 74th District.”
With over $207,000 raised and more than $177,000 cash on hand, Dixon is the best-funded challenger running against an Assembly incumbent in the entire state, regardless of party. Additionally, Dixon raised the money after entering the race with only two months remaining in the six-month reporting period. She also outraised 42 Assembly incumbents, including 31 Democrats and 11 Republicans. During this reporting period, Dixon raised more than the majority of the Republicans in Orange County’s legislative delegation did.

“Republicans and No Party Preference voters in the 74th District are uniting against the far-left, one-party-dominated policies coming from Sacramento that Cottie Petrie-Norris has embraced. Sacramento has not made us safer. Sacramento has not fixed our roads. Sacramento has not fixed the pension crisis. But Sacramento does spend more of our money and then doles it back in celebrations with oversized checks. We can do better than that and the voters and donors know it,” Dixon said. “This is the most Republican Assembly seat held by a Democrat in California, and I look forward to a fully unified Republican effort as we work to take this seat back from the Democrats and reduce the supermajority.”

The 74th Assembly District has the strongest Republican registration advantage of any Assembly seat held by a Democrat. There are 6 sitting Republican Assemblymembers who hold seats with weaker Republican registration advantages or even Democratic registration advantages.

Diane Dixon spent 40 years in the private sector as a business executive before being elected to the Newport Beach City Council in 2014. She is serving her second term as Mayor and has served as Chair of the Water Quality and Tidelands Committee and member of the Finance Committee for nearly five years, including four years as Chair. During her tenure at City Hall, she has actively engaged city residents, holding over 23 town hall meetings, working closely with local business owners and residents to solve community problems, and initiating numerous neighborhood and community improvement programs.

An active member on several philanthropic community-based boards of directors for nearly four decades, Mayor Dixon has been married for 44 years to career prosecutor Pat Dixon, with whom she has a daughter, a former prosecutor, and three grandchildren. The 74th Assembly District consists of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods, southern Huntington Beach, and most of Irvine.

This article was released by Diane Dixon for State Assembly 2020.