Kamala Harris premieres campaign video for Iowa

First presidential candidate out of the gate with a video ad, Kamala Harris will air the ad in Iowa beginning Thursday, August 8:

From the YouTube description:

This election is about American families and what wakes them up in the middle of the night. My 3AM Agenda offers and delivers tangible benefits that improve Americans’ daily lives; including Medicare for All, giving working and middle-class families an overdue raise, and guaranteeing women are paid equally.

Learn more at kamalaharris.org/3AM.

My response:

  • Medicare for All won’t happen without destroying the private health insurance industry. At least she isn’t saying “If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance.”
  • Repealing the recent tax breaks will likely cause economic disruption as businesses re-allocate resources. The just-released California Fiscal Health Index hints at choppy economic waters ahead. Running roughshod over the tax code is like shotgunning the boat’s side rather than shoring up existing leaks. Further, will the repeal actually pay for the $500/month pocket money that the video promises? I want to see her numbers, but I suspect not.
  • Women’s equal pay: the so-called “gap” in pay is mostly explained by choices that women make that differ from the choices that men make. Anecdotally and individually, examples can be found of wage discrimination against women. However, the women should in those cases vote with their feet and move on to a different job — with better pay. That’s how a market economy (as opposed to a command economy) works.
  • I am sympathetic to single-parent households, such as presented in the video. But where’s her Dad? Her Mom comes off as a Julia before her time.
  • She claims that all this change will begin on her first day in office. What — no working with Congress? She is running to head the executive branch of the federal government, not to assume dictatorial powers with a phone in one hand and a pen in the other.

    What wakes me up at 3 a.m.? Wondering how much more the State of California and the federal government can shake out of my pockets to pay for something that I don’t want to pay for.

    Truly, all this ad spurs in me is urgency to find someplace to hide where the “revenoors” can’t find me. If progressives are successful in pushing through their policies, you will not be allowed to insist on just being left alone.