Learn the difference between hearing aids and over-the-counter hearing assist devices

To the normal hearing world, it seems simple enough: if you have a hearing loss buy hearing aids or have a cochlear implant and you’ll hear again. Now adding to the confusion are over-the-counter hearing aids, better known as hearing assist devices. Hearing assist devices might look like expensive hearing aids, but they are not the same nor are they for everyone with hearing loss. The community is invited to attend the Saturday, Sept. 7, City of Orange chapter meeting which will be devoted to discussing the huge differences between hearing aids and over-the-counter hearing assistive devices. Bob Rennie, a long-time dual behind-the-ear hearing aid wearer, will facilitate the meeting and share important information that can help people with hearing loss make the best decision before purchasing any device.

The support group offers a friendly oasis for people with hearing loss issues. There is free parking and no charge to attend, but an optional $5 donation is encouraged to help cover costs (room rental and real-time captioning). The two-hour meeting begins at 10 a.m in its new location:

Kaiser Permanente Health Pavilion
200 N. Lewis Street – Orange
Community Room – first floor

Following the informative meeting and to allow socializing, some members enjoy lunch at a nearby venue.

For more information, email: [email protected]

This article was released by the Hearing Loss Association of America – City of Orange Chapter.