Registration is now open for after school instrumental music classes for grades K–5

This year, The Youth Center is celebrating its 30th year of collaborating with the Los Alamitos Unified School District (LAUSD) to offer instrumental music instruction to elementary school students at Weaver and LAE on Mondays, Rossmoor and Lee on Tuesdays, McGaugh on Wednesdays and Hopkinson on Thursdays, after school each week.

The program provides 26 lessons, 2 rehearsals and 2 concerts, begins in September and ends in April/May (depending upon location). Students can choose to learn the violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, electric bass, or percussion. Classes offered include Mini Percussion, Beginning Strings, String Ensemble, Beginning Band and Variety Band.

“Music provides students with a wealth of benefits,” said Youth Center Music Director Daniel Van Andler. “In addition to obtaining musical skills needed to become a performer, a child learns skills that can be used in every facet of life. Teamwork, dedication, self-discipline and responsibility prepare a child for a successful future in any profession he/she may choose.”

Research shows that music students are among the academically strongest in their schools, and score higher on the SAT than other students. Colleges and universities now look for more than just good grades on a child’s transcript. They want well-rounded students that have been able to accomplish more than textbook knowledge and learning music develops the mind like no other activity.

The thirty one-hour sessions include two rehearsals and two concerts throughout the school year. The fee is $399 per student and scholarships are available.

For more information or to register for the Youth Center after school elementary Music Program, please visit online at or call The Youth Center at (562) 493-4043.

This article was released by The Youth Center.