Leading Republican challenger calls on Assemblyman Bill Brough to immediately resign

The leading Republican challenger against embattled Assemblyman Bill Brough has called for Brough’s immediate resignation after an official Brough for Assembly campaign email leaked that unmasked and targeted the survivors of his alleged sexual assault and harassment.

“Growing allegations of sexual harassment, assault, egregious campaign finance violations, and now this? There is nothing more anathema to conservative principles and what we stand for than attempting to out and intimidate an accuser,” said Ed Sachs. “Not only should Asm. Bill Brough immediately resign, the Assembly Rules Committee should investigate whether Asm. Brough’s email violates rules against intimidating and targeting a whistleblower. It is long past time that the residents of the 73rd Assembly District were rid of this disgraceful distraction.”

On Friday, August 16, 2019, an email was sent out by Assemblyman Bill Brough’s campaign, in which Bill Brough attempted to obfuscate the growing and damning allegations against him. In the email, Brough rants about a tenuous nexus between his position on transportation policy and the growing, damning campaign finance and sexual assault allegations made against him by multiple women. Brough makes this pathetic case despite the fact that a majority of his accusers have nothing to do with transportation policy and that his campaign finance issues are entirely of his own making.

But Brough stoops to a new low in the email, publicly targeting his accusers and possibly violating Assembly Rules in the process. In the email, Brough names several of his accusers whose names had previously not been made public to protect them and the sexual assault investigation from political pressure. In listing these women by name, Bill Brough puts targets on their backs in an effort to intimidate them further.

“Accusations of sexual assault must be taken seriously and handled with respect and sensitivity. I was disappointed to learn that Assemblyman Bill Brough has launched an all-out assault on his numerous and growing list of accusers, even going so far as to publicly identify those who had wished to remain off the record,” said Patricia Wenskunas, CEO of Crime Survivors. “Such tactics have a chilling effect on victims of sexual assault and are intended to intimidate them into staying quiet. This type of egregious behavior must not be tolerated or passively condoned — it is despicable. We must hold our elected leaders accountable.”

To date the embattled Assemblyman has chosen to selectively address only a portion of the growing allegations against him. While it appears Brough will try his best to discredit and target his female accusers, he will not be able to run from what appears to be clear violations of campaign finance laws.

“I can only imagine what pressure these women have been under, some of them with families and careers that have been and are increasingly being placed in the crosshairs of a desperate politician willing to do anything to stay in power,” said Ed Sachs. “It is high-time that Bill Brough step aside and ground himself before he tries to govern others.”

To date, over twenty-five current and former elected officials have endorsed Ed Sachs for State Assembly, including five Orange County mayors and the highest-ranking Republican elected official in the county.

This article was released by Ed Sachs for State Assembly 2020.

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  1. Growing and damning? Strong words from a weak man, especially when they aren’t supported with even a single link to backup the assertion. When you throw out allegations, at least have the integrity to supply the supporting documentation.

  2. This is really pathetic Ed. You use so much loaded squishy language “could”, “might”, etc. Do you believe in the rule of law? Do you think Kavanaugh should be on the supreme court? Should there be due process? By displaying that you are not interested in due process but are an opportunist with no actual moral core, you have elimited yourself as a viable candidate for ANY future office. How about you address the money you make from TCA, which seems to be a lot more than any of the other people on the TCA board? Using deflection to keep people from looking at your own dirty hands is a Clinton style of politician. You are disgusting.

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