Retired Marine Colonel Greg Raths sues Newsom over unconstitutional legislation

Leading Republican candidate for California’s 45th Congressional District filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against California Governor, Gavin Newsom, for violating the US Constitution by passing legislation that would preclude President Donald Trump from participating in California’s Primary Election.

“Not only are the Governor’s actions unconstitutional, but they are blatantly partisan and represent nothing more than a selfish attempt to score political points while the taxpayers foot the bill,” said Raths.

“Over 40 years ago when I joined the Marine Corps. I made a promise to the American People and myself – to protect our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic,” added Raths. “Today, I continued to make good on that promise by filing a lawsuit against Governor Newsom for maliciously stripping the Constitutional Rights of well over 4.4 million voters across California.”

“Voting is one of our most sacred rights as law abiding Americans and it’s one of the only truly bipartisan issues we should all be able to agree on.”

“The people of the 45th Congressional District deserve to know that their leaders will always put partisan politics aside to fight for their rights. That’s why I call on my opponent, Representative Katie Porter, to stand up for the rights of those she claims to represent by joining this lawsuit and denouncing the Governor’s attempt to disenfranchise millions of hardworking Californians.”

This article was released by Greg Raths for Congress.