Volunteers and interns wanted at The Youth Center in Los Alamitos

Interns and volunteers are currently wanted to work in the office, with social media, in fundraising/event preparation or to work with after school children at The Youth Center in Los Alamitos.

Office interns and volunteers with a business, Human Resources and/or administrative assistant skills and an associates’ degree are desired. They are also seeking a social media intern who is familiar with all platforms of social media and can write, research and post effectively into several platforms in collaboration with Youth Center administrative staff. Voluntary positions are available to work in fundraising/event preparations with tasks including computer-based research, decorations, and gift basket making.

Interns and volunteers working directly with children must have strong interests in working with this population, be creative, outgoing and athletic for working with The Youth Center’s after school programs. All candidates age 18+ must pass a background check prior to work with or being around children.
College and university students seeking academic credit can do so through their prospective educational institution by working closely to coordinate this with Youth Center administrative and leadership personnel. High School students can have their hours tracked and included in a letter as needed.

To apply online, please complete a volunteer application at www.theyouthcenter.org. Click under “Get Involved” and go to either the office volunteer application (which can be used for social media, fundraising/event volunteers), with applications to work with children under a separate online form. On your online application, please note the position you are interested in. For more information, please call Youth Center Program Director Jamie Harris at 562-493-4043. The Youth Center is located at 1909 Oak Street in Los Alamitos.

The article above was written by Laurie Hanson.