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Orange Coast College launches Social Media Certificate Program to meet growing demand

This fall, Orange Coast College will roll out a certificate program that will introduce students to the ins and outs of social media communication.

“The idea of this program is to train students to promote organizations and individuals on social media. In order to do that they’re going to learn about different social media platforms and they’re also going to get a crash course in public relations and marketing,” says Literature and Languages Dean Michael Mandelkern.

Demand for social media strategists has exploded in recent years, as more consumers engage with companies and organizations on popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. OCC’s program will prepare students for a career in social media publicity and marketing in as little as two years.

“Students will be learning which platforms to use depending on their target audience,” says Mandelkern. “There are many jobs available right now, that pay well, because many companies are looking for someone who’s able to do this, but not very many people are trained in social media strategy.”

OCC’s Social Media Certificate of Achievement will fall under the College’s Literature and Languages Division, in the communications program. However, the certificate program is multi-disciplinary, and offers courses in business, digital arts, and even fashion. According to Mandelkern, the decision to make communications the home base for a social media certificate was made after careful consultation with industry professionals.

“As with any career program at OCC, we had to consult with industry professionals when we were developing the curriculum,” he says. “We had an advisory committee that included people in the industry who do this work, as well as hiring managers who already employ individuals who do this type of work. Communications is very interdisciplinary by its nature, and this program overlaps with the business program, but also many other areas of the College.”

Program requirements for OCC’s social media certificate of achievement can be viewed here.

This article was released by Orange Coast College.