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Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva’s work to resolve homelessness in Orange County moves to Governor

Assembly Bill 143 (AB 143) authored by Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Fullerton), addressing California’s homelessness crisis, passed on the legislative floor and is headed to the Governor’s Desk.

“California has the highest rate of homelessness in the nation. In fact, recent statistics show that throughout our state, we have seen an increase in the number of homeless individuals,” said Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva. “Since 2017, homelessness is up by forty-two percent in Orange County. To resolve this crisis, we need an array of innovative strategies including both short and long-term solutions.”

If the specified counties or cities find it essential, they may choose to utilize the bill to address short-term homeless needs. They would be required to develop an ordinance outlining a plan that would include long-term permanent housing strategies for their communities. The California Department of Housing and Community Development would then be responsible to review and approve the ordinance to ensure the health and safety of California is not compromised.

“During a state crisis, we have an obligation to remove certain barriers to be able to provide cities and counties with tools to assist them,” said Quirk-Silva. “AB 143 would create flexibility to expedite the creation of shelters and permanent supportive housing that is desperately needed.”

AB 143 expands emergency housing to include homeless shelters and permanent supportive housing when Orange, Alameda, and San Jose Counties and Cities within the current law, declare a shelter crisis.

This article was released by the Office of Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva.


  1. All you California[ns] deserve your plight. I was born in Lodi, raised in Anaheim, Graduated from Calif State Univ. Long Beach and Moved to Arizona then Florida with Job opportunities. I am tired of the whining socialistic entitled attitudes you expound.

    You have problem with the housing market… IT IS YOUR POLITICIANS WHO CREATED IT. Have a problem with your money going to Social Welfare programs for every illegal that can cross the border… THAT IS WHAT YOUR POLITICAINS CREATED. You don’t have m jobs and services.. THAT IS YOUR FAULT, YOU ELECTED THE JERKS.

    Quit crying about your situation. We don’t have the cr*p you have in California in other states do we? Oh, lets blame someone else.. OH, How about Trump? How about Me? Oh, Thanks right, you already was blaming your situation on others.

    Sorry you are stuck with California… all the other states ask you to work and not live in garbage. If you want to be productive, come to Florida. We have shelters and job placement programs.

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  2. I myself 63yo notice on any& most comments made regarding homeless are
    negative -the only people who make these comments are the ones who
    have never experienced it for themselves, I myself have worked for
    more than 44yrs mostly in Orange County ,I do NOT do drugs/alcohol nor
    do I have any type of criminal record -BUT I find myself homeless due
    to Personal & Corporate Greed an selfishness brought on by High Rent
    Prices ,when people pay these exuberant rent prices they do Not
    realize that you are giving these property owners a Stamp seal of
    approval on Jacking-up as high as they can in order for them to make a
    so called Profit >ITS Called >GREED! I myself am Not Stupid to give
    inn to those {I wish more people had the Courage to do this}But -MOST
    PEOLPLE say >I HAVE TO HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE I have No Choice but to
    give in to the idiots that create high rent prices, those who are
    homeless and do these Bad behavior issues are giving me a bad image- i
    myself am being punished by those who criticize homeless-ness, anyone
    who is homeless is branded a >Druggie-alcoholic-mentally incapacitated
    or worse a Criminal>NOT TRUE! REMEBER!! DO Not JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS
    COVER, CMON PEOPLE -Wake-Up an take a stand for what is right an stop
    thinking your better than me!
    PS; How about doin a report / commentary {if you got the courage} on
    peoples Greed an personal selfishness as they are the reason and
    cause of homeless-ness by paying these exuberant high mortgage cost
    /taxes and charging as much as they want -*thinking they are goin to
    make a profit {todays society is all about money & material things wat
    a shame!} this is happening across this country , it sickens me to
    hear people are worried about there property value if even 1person
    being homeless in there neighborhood-they better expect it to happen
    when they are given in to Greed or they are stupid and blind-sided by
    there own greed ,its only gonna get worse as we have an influx of
    Illegal Migrants-immigrant’s-refugees and now influx of Caravans from
    central America -so hold on to your tail and get ready for rent prices
    to sky-rocket even higher and more American citizens to go homeless an
    longer lines-more traffic congestion and more Babies being pumped-out
    ,what bothers me even more is when the police harass the homeless
    telling us we have to move-on >WHERE? they are puppets of city council
    or county commissioners ,where do the police think we are just gonna
    magically disappear or do they wish-encourage us to commit suicide-for
    most of us that’s NOT gonna happen,

  3. It would be appreciated if liberal Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva focused on ILLEGAL ALIENS entering California.

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