A Message from Ed Sachs

California Republicans,

It is long past time that we close this sordid and embarrassing chapter for our party and for South Orange County. This entire disgraceful affair with Asm. Bill Brough: targeting survivors, illegal campaign finance allegations, sexual assault and harassment claims; is beneath the office and falls woefully short of the standards our party should exhibit.

I applaud the Lincoln Club of Orange County for showing true leadership in rescinding their endorsement of Asm. Bill Brough and thank the Orange County Congress of Republicans for their endorsement of my campaign. But while the OCGOP made a significant step last night by asking Brough to announce he wont seek reelection, there are still many others in the Republican Party and frankly, every other candidate in this race, that are still trying to game or strategically craft their comments or positions on this issue for maximum political benefit, to hedge their bets or to stay in Asm. Brough’s good graces.

While you posture and strategize, you embolden Bill Brough who last night made it clear in his comments that he plans to take our entire party down with him. He has made it clear in targeting his accusers and attempting to shift the blame for problems entirely of his making that he will use the powers of his office to say and do almost anything – no matter the costs.

To date, only Crime Survivors CEO Patricia Wenksunas and I have called on Brough to resign for his behavior targeting his accusers. These brave women continue to face his attempts at reprisal and what is worse he is doing it publicly with only measured condemnation.

Attempts to finesse wording on this topic are the exact opposite of leadership and only embolden Asm. Brough to dig in, no matter the cost.

So let me be clear, once again, I call on Assembly Bill Brough to resign his office immediately, issue a sincere apology for attempting to intimidate his accusers and get the help he needs before he attempts to govern the lives of hundreds of thousands of residents in our South Orange County district. I also call on the other candidates in this race to stop playing political games and do the right thing by calling for his immediate resignation, before he attempts any further tactics aimed at the women.

Our residents are justifiably outraged at their state government for a host of reasons and before we can ask for their trust to fix our state’s most pressing problems we need to show that we at least know right from wrong.

This article was released by Ed Sachs for State Assembly 2020.