The American Lung Association applauds Governor Newsom signing “smog check for trucks” legislation into law

The American Lung Association applauds Governor Newsom for signing Senate Bill 210 by Senator Connie Leyva of Chino. The Lung Association views SB 210 as a major victory for cleaner air in California, and was proud to co-sponsor this important legislation along with the Coalition for Clean Air.

SB 210 will create a “Smog Check” style inspection and maintenance program for heavy-duty trucks similar to the highly successful and health-protective program for passenger cars. Regular inspection and maintenance of diesel trucks will ensure that pollution controls are working to protect the health of all Californians. The emissions benefits of this new program will equal taking 375,000 trucks’ worth of deadly particle pollution off the roads. This is especially critical for communities most impacted by diesel truck traffic serving California ports, warehouses, freeways and other diesel hotspots.

“Ensuring pollution controls on trucks in California are working will deliver critical clean air benefits across the state, and especially in our most diesel-impacted communities,” said Will Barrett, Clean Air Advocacy Director with the American Lung Association in California. “Senate Bill 210 is a major milestone in air pollution policy and all Californians should applaud this important clean air action.”

This article was released by the The American Lung Association.