Harley Rouda

Reps. Rouda, Davis, and Sablan introduce Teacher Leader Quality Partnership Grants Act

Representatives Harley Rouda (CA-48), Susan Davis (CA-53), and Gregorio Sablan (NMI) introduced H.R. 4423, the Teacher and School Leader Quality Partnership Grants Act, along with Reps. David Trone (MD-06) and Brad Schneider (IL-10).

The Teacher and School Leader Quality Partnership Grants Act improves teacher preparedness and increases development opportunities for educators by:

  • Expanding Teacher Quality Program grants to strengthen coordination between local education agencies, state agencies, and institutions of higher education;
  • Requiring programs to use evidence-based methods to measure the success
  • Increasing teacher capacity, supporting teacher leadership, and emphasizing diversity in the teacher and school leader workforce through recruitment and retention efforts;
  • Requiring grant seekers to submit an evaluation plan with measurable and robust performance objectives;
  • Requiring each institution of higher education involved with traditional teacher preparation programs to set annual quantifiable goals for increasing the number of prospective teachers trained in areas experiencing teacher shortages; and
  • Establishing an advisory committee, overseen by the Secretary of Education, tasked with elevating the education profession by compiling the best practices for educators.

Said Rouda, “If we want the United States to continue to compete on the global stage, we have to invest in education. Failing to provide our children with trained teachers, particularly in underserved communities, is antithetical to the American dream. My bill gives educational institutions the resources they desperately need to train teachers, develop leaders, and support educators.”

“Quality teachers can mean all the difference in the success of our students,” said Rep. Davis. “This bill will provide educators with the necessary tools and resources to produce teachers who will help our students succeed in school and beyond. I thank Rep. Rouda for his leadership on this issue. Having quality teachers in our schools is something we can all agree that our students deserve.”

Said Sablan, “Every child in America, from the Marianas to Maine, deserves quality instruction from quality teachers. But teachers have testified before Congress that they are not receiving the support they need and as a consequence they are leaving the profession. The Teacher and School Leader Quality Partnership Grants Act supports teachers before and after entering the profession by expanding opportunities to gain classroom experience and mentoring, better preparing them and future school leaders to provide the best education our children deserve.”

This article was released by the Office of Congressman Harley Rouda.