Parents can begin holiday prep while the Youth Center entertains their children

As the holidays approach, Kid’s Night Out offers parents a viable solution for a few hours allowing them to prepare, shop or simply take a break while their kids are entertained for an evening. The next Kid’s Night Out is Oct. 18 from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at The Youth Center in Los Alamitos. They are always on the third Friday of each month.

During a fun-filled evening at “A Halloween Party,” kids will get to create paper bag pumpkins, Q tip skeletons and tissue paper candy corn. There will also be activities like “Biting for Donuts,” playing musical chairs and a costume party.

Popcorn will be served along with a movie shown, the choice of Casper, Monster House or Mikey’s House of Villains. Pizza, soft drink and snack are included in the $18 cost and siblings can get in for $13. To sign up your child for Kid’s Night Out, please visit online at The Youth Center is located at 10909 Oak Street in Los Alamitos.

This article was released by The Youth Center.