Background photo by C.E.H. Wiedel.

Gelson’s releases two exclusive Certified Organic roasts from Groundwork Coffee

Like Gelson’s Wines, a proprietary collection from Santa Barbara County created specifically for Gelson’s, the Southern California grocery brand has collaborated with celebrated L.A. java company Groundwork Coffee to create two Certified Organic roasts exclusively for Gelson’s. Both are available in all 27 Gelson’s stores starting on September 24.

Packaged in 12-oz. vacuum-sealed bags of whole bean coffee – USDA-certified organic, fair-traded and ethically sourced – they include:

Gelson’s Signature Blend ($14.99): A medium roast made for easy sipping, this blend is well-rounded and roast forward, with notes of toasted almonds, salted caramel, and seared caramelized sugar.

Gelson’s Single Origin ($14.99): A light roast from Latin America, this coffee is sweet and balanced, with notes of chocolate, red fruit and a hint of fennel, complex in character yet easy-to-drink.

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