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Guest editorial: We applaud Gov. Newsom’s veto of SB 1


We applaud the Governor’s veto of SB1 and appreciate the courage it took to do so in the face of heightened emotion and rhetoric, as evidenced by the guest editorial that ran in your newspaper on 9-27-19.

Let’s be clear: SB1, had it passed, would have threatened the implementation of collaborative-based Voluntary Agreements on water, a process that includes urban, agricultural, and environmental representatives.

These agreements are the best bet for California’s environmental future. Why? They provide a chance for fundamental changes in how we manage our water supply and environment that bring all water users to the table. They would end the useless cycle of lawsuits, bring reliability to water users large and small, allow water policy to utilize new science as well as provide annual funding for environmental projects.

The veto of SB1 is not about standing up to Donald Trump – it’s about clearing the path for water management that works better for cities, farms, rural communities and the environment.

Mike Wade
Executive Director
California Farm Water Coalition