Pauline Bullock talks to Los Al Chamber about personal defense

Pauline Bullock, an independent Damsel pro, spoke to members of the Los Alamitos Chamber of Commerce at the Chamber’s October 4, 2019 networking breakfast on the topic of personal defense and safety.

Paule (pronounced “Paul-ee”, that is her preferred way to be addressed) is retired military and retired school instructor. She wants everyone to be safe — and addresses groups on how individuals can increase their personal safety.

She would like nothing more than to help people avoid becoming a crime statistic.

She wants each one of us to improve our situational awareness — leaving work, walking to the car, arriving home, and entering the house. She wants women to avoid strapping their handbag in the seat of grocery carts. She wants everybody to know when their car doors are locked, and to keep them locked. She urges each one of us to avoid flashing a walletful of credit cards or a wad of cash.

She recommends enrolling in a community college course on self-defense. (The City of Los Alamitos also sponsors a self-defense course.)

Paule can be emailed at [email protected]. Or you can visit

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