Habitat for Humanity of Orange County applauds housing affordability legislation laws

High land cost is often one of the greatest barriers encountered in developing affordable homes. Habitat for Humanity of Orange County local Habitat organizations throughout the state applaud Gov. Newsom for signing 18 housing bills.

Habitat for Humanity organizations in California and throughout the U.S. launched the Cost of Home campaign in June to improve home affordability through policy and systems change. Habitat California believes that the policies signed by Gov. Newsom will increase housing affordability, housing production, preservation and responsible land use. Habitat organizations across the state are already prepared and eager to apply the housing legislation that will take effect January 1, 2020.

Habitat for Humanity California worked closely with legislators on AB 587, the Accessory Dwelling Unit bill, introduced by Assembly Members Laura Friedman, Sharon Quirk-Silva and co-authored by Assembly Member James Gallagher. This legislation allows the sale or separate conveyance of accessory dwelling units, enabling two households to achieve affordable homeownership through responsible use of land. This policy will allow Habitat for Humanity in California and other nonprofit organizations to provide additional homeownership opportunities to families through accessory dwelling units.

Habitat for Humanity organizations throughout California supported several other housing bills signed into law by Gov. Newsom, including:

SB 330, Establishing the Housing Crisis Act of 2019, by Senator Nancy Skinner, this bill provides stability and transparency for developers by restricting local changes to building requirements upon permit completion, allowing approved projects to move ahead without new costs or delays;

SB 6, Surplus Lands, by Senators Beall and McGuire, and co-authored by Assembly Member Chiu, this bill creates a statewide list of all local lands suitable and available for residential development as identified by local governments; and

AB 1486, Public Lands, by Senator Ting, and co-authored by Assembly Member Wicks, and Senator Skinner, this bill prioritizes disposing of local agency unused lands for affordable housing projects.

“By signing these housing bills, Gov. Newsom is putting his words into action. It’s clear that this administration is serious about taking bold steps to increase housing supply and affordability statewide,” said Sharon Ellis, chair of Habitat for Humanity California. “Habitat for Humanity is one of the largest developers of housing affordability in California, and these new policies will help Habitat for Humanity increase our impact by providing and preserving more affordable homeownership opportunities for hardworking households statewide.”

Habitat OC is looking forward to the second year of session with high expectations that legislation focused on increased housing production will move ahead. Habitat agrees with Gov. Newsom that we need more legislative solutions to increase total housing production. Habitat supports a comprehensive approach to reducing costs and reforming land use that promotes total housing production, making our state more affordable for all Californians.

This article was released by Habitat OC.