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Katrina Foley garners endorsement of SEIU California State Council

Delivering a fresh dose of momentum to her campaign for California’s 37th State Senate District, today Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley netted a new endorsement from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California State Council.

In a statement released with their endorsement, Bob Schoonover, President of SEIU California and SEIU Local 721, commented:

“SEIU members spend our lifetimes working to give our children a shot at the California Dream and we are proud to support leaders who share our commitment to unions for all so we can create a strong future for the next generation. That’s why the SEIU California State Council is excited to announce our support of Katrina Foley for Senate, because we know we can count on her to be a champion for working families. We know she’ll be a strong partner with us for years to come, working to advance economic development, raise wages and benefits, and ensure affordable and accessible healthcare for all.”

Recently, Foley earned the recommendation of the Orange County Labor Federation. The OC Labor Federation represents over 90 local unions and hundreds of thousands of working families in Orange County.

For more information and up-to-date campaign updates, visit: https://www.foleyforsenate.com.

Since entering the race for State Senate District 37, Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley has built up a far-reaching coalition of support from local, state and federal leaders, organizations that represent women, classroom teachers, working families and more.

This article was released by Foley for Senate 2020.

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  1. Katrina Foley is a SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT so of course the unions support her. If you like how Socialist Democrats in Sacramento are destroying this once great state, then vote for all these Socialist Democrats to destroy California even more.

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