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Annual Progress Report for Floodplain Management Plan

By performing certain flood control related activities, the County of Orange has helped homeowners in the unincorporated areas of Orange County receive a 25 percent discount in flood insurance premiums. The County of Orange is a participant in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program and Community Rating System (CRS). Property owners whose properties lie within FEMA’s Special Flood Hazard Areas or “100-year floodplains” are eligible to receive a discount in flood insurance premiums each year depending on the level of the activities performed by their local jurisdiction.

The CRS program requires completion of various flood control related activities, including construction and maintenance of flood control channels. Additionally, it requires CRS participants to provide an Annual Progress Report (Report) to inform the public of recent achievements in reducing flood risk in their communities. The Report summarizes the activities that the County is undertaking to reduce or eliminate its largest floodplains. The County manages and maintains approximately 380 miles of flood control channels throughout Orange County.

The Report includes activities for projects that are in the design phase or completed construction projects from the County’s 7-Year Flood Control Capital Improvement Program. Major improvements are in the Westminster and San Juan Creek watersheds, which have the largest floodplains in Orange County.

Information about the Report, including a summary of completed projects, can be found on the OC Flood section of the Orange County (OC) Public Works website at http://ocflood.com/safety/protection, 3rd Item, “Annual Progress Report for Floodplain Management Plan.”

This article was released by the County of Orange.