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City of Los Alamitos responds to concerns about contaminated drinking water on JFTB

The Los Angeles Times recently published articles on September 11, 2019 “These 90 Army posts have contaminated drinking water” and October 8, 2019 “Firefighting Foam Leaves Toxic Legacy in Californians’ Drinking Water”. The published articles stated that Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) contamination was present in the drinking water of 90 different Army installations including the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base. It was also stated that, “the chemicals are suspected of moving into the community water supply.”

In response to these articles, the City of Los Alamitos has been provided information from COL Nick Ducich, Joint Forces Training Base Installation Commander and Ken Vecchiarelli, General Manager of the Orange County District of Golden State Water Company (Golden State Water).

Both have identified and concluded that domestic water service to the Joint Forces Training Base is provided by Golden State Water, whose representative’s report that their water meets or exceeds all state and federal regulatory requirements.

Golden State Water and their staff of professionals are fully aware of the emerging PFAS contamination concerns and are closely monitoring the development of PFAS regulatory requirements. Golden State Water prepared some useful information that is available on their website and can be viewed through the link provided below. Golden State Water also shared that they continue to work closely with the local groundwater basin management agency, Orange County Water District in their efforts to monitor and track these compounds. OCWD has also prepared information on this matter (ref. their website linked below).


For additional information on Golden State Water, visit www.gswater.com or call 1-800-999-4033.

For additional information on the City of Los Alamitos, visit www.cityoflosalamitos.org or call (562) 431-3538.

This article was released by the City of Los Alamitos.